February 19, 2018

Why Don’t More People Know about Elder Mediation?

Last summer Smart Money magazine columnist Glenn Ruffenach, who was researching an article about elder and adult family mediation, called me to request an interview. He explained the focus of his … [Read more...]

When a Mediator Suspects Cognitive Impairment

I have been retained to conduct mediation with seniors “John” and “Susan” - and John’s adult children - to negotiate a marital settlement agreement between John and Susan and an estate plan for each … [Read more...]

Asking Siblings for Financial Help: The Four C’s

Our father is in assisted living and his expenses exceed his income every month and we have exhausted his assets. I have 3 siblings. I asked them if they would help out, at least until his VA pension … [Read more...]

Multi-layer Dispute with Family

I’m wondering if you can suggest a direction for a problem I have. I find myself entangled in a multi-layer dispute with my birth family. I am wondering what you think is the best place to take such … [Read more...]