February 19, 2018

Conflict Coaching

As a conflict coach, Ms. Curtis combines her expertise as a mediator and teacher of mediation, negotiation and communication skills to help individual clients manage adult family conflicts constructively.  She approaches conflict coaching from the perspective that conflict is an inevitable aspect of the challenges and complexities of modern life, but separation and alienation are not the inevitable result.  When family members manage conflict effectively, families reach better-informed and more creative decisions and achieve greater intimacy with one another, by learning to use the resolution of conflict to deepen their relationships.

What is conflict coaching?

Conflict coaching is a one-to-one process in which an individual client and Ms. Curtis work together to accomplish the client’s goals related to a family conflict.  Although conflict coaching is individualized and spans a wide spectrum of activities, it often involves:

  • An in-depth exploration of a conflict situation that enhances the client’s understanding of the conflict and his or her self-awareness in relationship to it;
  • Clarification of the client’s goals and intentions;
  • Development of a plan for addressing the conflict; and
  • Enhancement of the client’s skills and personal qualities required for implementing the plan.

When is conflict coaching appropriate?

Conflict coaching may be especially useful in the following situations:

  • You see conflict on the horizon and want to help your family approach it constructively
  • You have a history of retreating from conflict and want support to bring your viewpoint to a family conflict conversation
  • Your family has been locked in a difficult conflict and will not agree to mediation
  • You have been putting off a difficult conversation, because you are terrified it will jeopardize the relationship
  • You would like to mend a relationship that was damaged by conflict, but don’t know where to start

The time required to accomplish the client’s goals in conflict coaching varies according to the complexity of the situation.  However, clients have found it useful to consult with Ms. Curtis for as little as thirty minutes.  More commonly, conflict coaching requires several hours over a few weeks.

How do I arrange a conflict coaching session?

Call or e-mail Ms. Curtis to arrange a complementary thirty minute exploratory conversation, during which she will hear a brief summary of the situation, answer any questions about how she works and provide an estimate of what would be involved in working with you.