February 19, 2018

Representative Mediations


  • Dispute among five siblings, with a long history of alienation, over the distribution of assets of their father’s trust, including the parents’ home, numerous commercial properties and valuable personal property
  • Dispute among siblings and their elderly parent related to proceedings concerning the parent’s conservatorship, as well as claims of elder neglect and financial abuse
  • Dispute between siblings over the dissolution of their jointly held business, impacting on their children, their spouses and their greater communities
  • Trust dispute among siblings and step-siblings involving allegations of undue influence and lack of capacity, as well as civil claims of elder financial abuse, related to changes to their mother’s estate plan shortly before her death
  • Lawsuit by a father against his daughter and multiple financial institutions, in which the father alleged undue influence and fraud related to encumbrances of his multiple commercial and residential properties
  • Elder abuse litigation by adult children against a skilled nursing facility following the death of their disabled parent, allegedly from dehydration
  • Elder abuse litigation against an assisted living facility (and product liability litigation against the manufacturer of a hot water tank) brought by the family of a disabled adult who was severely injured, allegedly as a result of being left unattended in a shower
  • Conflict among siblings concerning succession planning for a vacation property the siblings had all enjoyed in childhood and their families had enjoyed throughout their adult lives
  • Dispute between a grandparent and grandchild in the context of an action by the grandparent to remove the granddaughter as trustee of the grandparent’s estate alleging breach of fiduciary duty and conversion, as well as elder financial abuse
  • Facilitation of discussions between members of two families concerning the living situation and care of their elderly parents, one of whom had been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Conflict among siblings and their elderly parent, who had been diagnosed with dementia, concerning the administration of the parent’s trust by one of the siblings, as well as elder care issues
  • Dispute between a private fiduciary and conserved dependent adult alleging breach of fiduciary duty related to failed trust investments entered into by the trustee
Elder abuse litigation brought by the daughter of a woman who died in a nursing home after breaking her hip in a fall in the bathroom
  • Adult sibling dispute involving multiple issues, including management and ownership of family-owned businesses, commercial property and the care of their father
  • Dispute among siblings over multiple issues related to their elderly parent’s care, including whether one of the siblings would continue to live with the parent, who would pay for the parent’s care and how they would communicate about important issues and events in the parent’s life, given that one of the siblings lived across the country