February 19, 2018

What Others Say

(Comments were unsolicited)

Your guiding hands molded what both sides considered to be a win-win solution. Well-done!” (Lawyer representing sibling in estate/elder abuse litigation)

Your poise and presence of mind were just fantastic in the difficult situation we were in with our client’s deteriorating health and opposing counsel’s gamesmanship.” (Trustee’s Lawyer, interfamilial trust dispute)

The family has been in such a different universe since our meeting with you. Good humor, effective management of Mom and her affairs, respect for boundaries and a positive energy all around. I am so grateful to you personally for the shift I was able to make following the mediation.” (Party in a sibling dispute concerning elder care and trust & estate issues)

“Each time I have the opportunity to mediate in a case with you, I leave more impressed with your skills. Your creativity seems to have no bounds.  Your suggestions are on the mark and always productive.” (Lawyer in adult family dispute involving the conservatorship of their parent)

Thank you for the kindness extended to my dad & me at the mediation on last week…. You gave 100% & we’re very appreciative. You are such a sweet person and I hope we meet again under much more pleasurable circumstances.” (Plaintiff in an elder abuse case)

I just spoke to my brother and I was delighted to hear about the success in the mediation process. Your approach, attitude and conviction certainly were the catalytic force that allowed this to happen. My most sincere thanks for what you have done.” (Sibling of a conserved elder who, represented by counsel, was able to mediate a marital settlement agreement)